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    Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
    11:23 am
    Head Up!
    Just a heads up before they go up on ebay - some items for sale:
    Korg Micro X - $275
    Behringer BCF2000 - $90
    Lexicon MX400 - $180
    Moog Etherwave Theremin - $200
    AKAI S2000 Digital Sampler - $50

    All items are in excellent condition and have all the original shipping items (except boxes) like power supplys, manuals, etc. The Korg has the orange case is shipped with it as well. All prices are for local pick-up.

    Also, interesting electronic drum goodies like NI Maschine or a Yamaha DTXtreme brain would garner trade interest....
    Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
    9:56 am
    "Are you alive?"
    I've spent the last few years reading way too much. I love to read and it's become an easy out in lieu of actually applying myself and accomplishing anything more than the bare minimum required to scrape by. It's easy to get away with, especially at work. Back in the 6 days a week clubbing years I could show up still hammered form the night before and still do my job better than anyone else here. Now without the anchor of daily self-oblviation, the sky is the limit if I become a bit motivated.

    I've always spent way too much time online at work. The difference has come now that I rarely actually write anything now. I've slowly sunk to an all time level of non-effort and it's easy to shrug it off and notice there's some new thread to follow. At least half or more of what I read these days is pure garbage and ironically, reading is know to suppress creative urges. One recommendation that actually has worked for me for dry spells creatively, is to stop reading. That was easier before being surrounded by an endless amount of easy accessible blabber though.

    Probably the best source of distraction from all the major time sucks, online crap and television being the worst sometimes, is time with the baby. Time slows down and there's more a sense of being there. A minute feels like a minute. Maybe it's just because this part, at least, is new to me. Maybe it's life, showing me life is about more than distraction.

    One worthwhile distraction has been BSG. I'd wanted to watch the show from the beginning so I waited to get into it util I get get the DVD sets. Netflix has them on Blu-Ray so I'm working my way through, and wow. A thinking of beauty. Really, the best elements of B5 and Lost combined in my opinion.

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    Thursday, December 31st, 2009
    9:57 am
    New M.O.L.D. stuff!
    New Machines of Living Death video for the new kick ass remix of Judgement Day by DJGX. Repost, and spread the disease.... The high res version is available for free download from our site ( )under the media tab, or watch on youtube:

    Tons more new stuff coming down the pipe...
    Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
    1:01 pm
    Repost from RTE peeps
    JUST ANNOUNCED...Red This Ever performs at THE DEPOT Tonight!</font>
    Gavin Elder is in the hospital. We wish him well and hope he has a speedy recovery. SO, Red This Ever will be performing tonight with The Clouds are Ghosts. We played with them last night and we were blown away. This is going to be one hell of a party boys and girls...AND, we really want to help them out on their tour, so please come out and support them tongiht.

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    Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
    2:12 pm
    Save The Humans This Saturday!
    We kick off the lineup at 2 come out and get your drink on early for a good cause! It's all ages so bring the kids too - but don't let them get their drink on, though. As can be inferred by the fact this is a benefit - humans have enough problems already without kids drinking. Be safe and have them drive instead...

    Saturday, August 1st, 2009
    2:56 pm
    UnDEr LaVA
    An underground scene NEEDS to BE underground, right? Well, now it is...

    FOR ON E NIGHT ONLY...AT LAVE LOUNGE....Machines of Living Death., White Shadow, AND Impulse Control. 3 crushing local industrial heavyweights, bringing the UNDER back to UNDERGROUND.

    That's right folks, Saturday night, we'll be playing UNDER LAVA.

    Come and feel the heat.....

    5$, 21+

    Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
    12:22 pm
    I continue to be struck by Jimmy Carter's brilliance and articulation. As an atheist and general opponent of religion, organized or otherwise, you'd think I'd have little interest in the following the writing and opinion of a noted born again christian but I have the utmost respect for the dignity to which he extends to others, no matter what their personal beliefs. How the masses decided to supplant him with Ronald Reagan is a mystery to me, surpassed only by George W Bush being elected not once, but twice. Controversy in both of GW's elections aside, it was still far closer than it should have been.

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    Friday, July 17th, 2009
    11:04 am
    Any peeps hitting Artscape?
    If so don't hesitate to check out my band afterward at the Depot Saturday night!

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    Monday, June 15th, 2009
    2:14 pm
    Friday, June 12th, 2009
    9:39 am
    I hate my job!
    I hate my job!
    I hate my job!
    I hate my job!
    I hate my job!
    Fucking bitches!
    Fucking bitches!
    Fucking bitches!
    Fucking bitches!
    Thursday, May 28th, 2009
    5:11 pm

    • 08:32 is really SUPER STOKED about the changes to Noise In The Basement....w00t #

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    Friday, May 22nd, 2009
    2:12 pm
    What's totally awesome... that downtown Baltimore is overrun with Death Metal freaks. I feel a vibe that, missing from Texas, should have been the giveaway from the get-go that things would not pan out. This weekend looks to be fun and I'm psyched to see Pestilence on sunday.

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    Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
    8:51 am
    The long version....
    So I'm sure the story of the shitstorm in Texas has begun to filter back. Wednesday morning the band packed up the van and hit the road for Texas at the crack of noon. 27 hours, driving straight through, we weathered rainstorm on top of rainstorm through the mountains of Virginia and Tennessee through to Arkansas where we got to contend with fog so thick you couldn't see more than 20 yards in front of the vehicle. It cleared as we hit Texas around sunrise and spirits lifted a bit. Texas is a big damn state though and baked a bit in the final 7 or so hours it took to get south of Austin where the festival grounds were located. It was a 20 minute drive down some treacherous one lane roads and a long gravel driveway til we hit check-in where we asked to sign injury waivers and they asked to check under the front seat for firearms. A giant mini-van packed to the roof with gear and they wanted to check under the front seat for guns. Hmmmm....

    We got down to the site proper and notice sound only just being set up even though bands should have been playing and few if any people had arrived which seemed kinda positive as we at least got to find a good spot for server headquarters. We talked to Will, who said the original sound company couldn't get down the road and that he had got these other people at the last minute which was why things were going behind. He said he wasn't expecting much turnout, maybe 150 people thurs but that "the guy who ran the big club in Austin was expecting 750 the next night.

    We ran to stock up on supplies, came back down Hell Road and pitched camp and then checked out bands when we could between getting situated and cooking dinner, etc. It was late and the weather was nice. We saw Gravity Euphonic who was OK, and Kracked Surface who just blew my mind away. I'd been pretty beat at that point, with 4 hours sleep in the last two days but I woke and got going once they started playing. We met them a bit later and chatted and they said they'd be coming to see the rest of the fest and to hang.

    Friday kicked off cloudy big nice until about noon when the sun came out in all it's fury. Temp skyrocketed to about 100f and the sun kept beating down with a vengance. Raven from Raven Eggs and Kegs radio show in Denver was spinning hard music from one of the sound systems and we wandered over to meet him, gave him and disc and chatted. Bands started playing, and despite the sound company being demonstrated pros, the first looming logistical issue reared it's head. The would have bands playing more than one stage at the same time (thurs they only used to stages with alternating sets) and the stages were close enough to hear each, at the very least between songs. If you were at the camping area you heard a sometimes interesting, sometimes ackward mix of both. This looked bad, especially as one stage had no shade nearby, but we figured once the place got crowded it wouldn't make a difference. We waited for things to pick up and Kracked Surface and and their significant others showed up and proceeded to lay down the best bbq dinner imaginable. He even brought real mesquite, which I never realized was wood for the fire. Incredible stuff and he fed not only us but Terror Cell and just about anyone else who walked by which was probably a good thing as there was no food or alcohol vendor to speak of. Honestly, it was the hospitality of locals like Bill and Rebecca that really made this trip start to seem real special.

    Except no one came. Despite claiming 250 presales for that day alone, no one came. People talked about how there'd been little or no promotion locally. Will hadn't put an ad in the local paper, flyers or anything. Our laminate badges showed up Friday, a day late but with nothing to secure them. I found several dozen laying on the ground throughout the evening. By 9pm it was an obvious bust. No one was coming, no late crowd was going to navigate that road, see the lame ass signs indicating the entrance and come storming in to fill the place for MLWTKK. Even they must have guessed that weren't getting paid, at least not in full. They, like everyone else though, set up and played like the house was full and I salute them and everyone else who gave it their all. After MLWTKK Caustic hit the next stage and it was just off the hook; mosh pit, stage diving and all the fixins. Hypnotica was next and I caught most of their set but with a day in the seering sun to wear me down, not to mention a lot of ciders, beer and many shots out of the biggest bottle of Jagger I ever saw I crashed to rest up for Saturday and my turn on stage.

    Woke to Dan sleeping on the ground outside his tent, the biggest empty bottle of Jager I'd ever seen and a morning slightly sunnier than the day before. It was still nice out but I had the inkling Saturday would be evern hotter than Friday. Hit the showers and came back to nap for a more minutes. Woke up and was chilling when got the word. Will was gone, the sound people had gotten a text saying the rest of the fest was cancelled and that they were packing up and leaving. I hurriedly texted Bill and Rebbecca telling them to wait since I'd given them money to get more beer and food. Investigated, found out that the rumors were true. Immediately went to check on the status of our merch which I found. In our bin was a couple other bands stuff which we tracked down to give back. Turns out only some was kept in the cabin though as a bunch was still missing.

    With production gone, some bands with amps and acoustic drums took the the only built in stage on the grounds and played bare bones style as the grounds owner, who also got fucked, left the power on so people could at least have some fun. As we had no amps and needed a PA we opted to check out some of the others and got got to see Ryan from Dr, Orphyus Project bang out some trombone. I heard his CD later, and more later and this guy is the second coming of John Zorn, I swear. Later, he and the Necropolis guys were wandering around asking if anyone was interested in playing Memphis the next night and we gladly accepted. Hung with them for a bit, met some other peeps and traded CDs. Bill and Rebecca showed up and we followed them to place near where they lived for some awesome real deal Mexican. Finally, we hit the road to get the hell out of Texas, stayed in Arkansas and made it to Memphis the next day. Traipsed around downtown Memphis and checked out Beale street, some Memphis BBQ and watched one of the Necropolis dudes and Ryan Dr Orphyus Project wipe out a family platter in about 15 minutes. We rolled to the Buccaneer Tavern to set up and play, to an admittedly small audience of a few locals and my ex-wife and her husband who coincidentally happen to live in Memphis. Caught up and little and hung out, played a fun set and then got to watch two awesome bands, Necropolis and The Doctor Orphyus project band out their last sets of "The Excersize in Futility Tour". Despite the fact that when they asked us to play they said they couldn't guarantee any money or anything, they paid us $50 which might have been the bulk if not all the pay The Buccaneer gave us saying they felt bad we still had so far to go and they were only 5 hours from home. Truly awesome those guys and I can't wait to bring both bands here to Balto, along with Kracked Surface and Lucid Dementia who defy description.

    We crashed back to the hotel and hit the road in the morning only to get stopped 20 minutes outside off Memphis but a pair of State Troopers and a Sheriff to boot. After subjecting Dan, who had the misfortune of being the one driving at the time, to a barrage of questions, they asked to search the vehicle and we said fine. Getting ready to settle for a while, and not looking forward to possibly unpacking and repacking, AGAIN, out came a dog and I was little relieved. At least they'd finish quick. Cop came back with the dog, chatted with the other trooper and they sent us on our way. Go to get back in the van and there's this god awful mess it takes me a few minutes to identify as the leftovers from the BBQ place, post dog who ripped open the styrofoam and had at what he get in a couple seconds. Charming but I opted to not complain as they were bugging out. 15 or so hours later, we're home, beat, but not sleepy, and ready to track Will Pruett to his early grave...
    Sunday, May 10th, 2009
    12:57 am
    Will Pruett must die....
    Texas took a turn for the worse when the promoter split early in the am Saturday. Paid no one, not even the sound staff who packed up early, essentially ending the festival with none of the Saturday bands getting to play. We hooked up with a last minute booking in Memphis tomorrow night so at least we get to play somewhere. Met a ton of cool bands who I'll list for peeps to check out soon. In the meanwhile this fucker is being looked for by disgruntled freaks and metalheads from all over the country and if he's lucky, the cops get him first.
    Tuesday, October 21st, 2008
    3:02 pm
    Monday, October 6th, 2008
    2:27 pm
    Couple bitten by snake at Renaissance Festival

    October 6, 2008

    A couple were bitten by a snake at the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville yesterday, an Anne Arundel County fire official reported. Division Chief Michael Cox said a woman in her 20s picked up the wild snake about 6 p.m. and was taunting her boyfriend with it when both of them were bitten. Cox said the two were taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center with minor injuries. He did not know what kind of snake had bitten the couple.

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    Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
    8:41 am

    In other news, things are all set for Thursday's debut of Machine's new lineup. Anyone wanting advance sale price ($5) tickets should get a hold of me today or tomorrow so I can set them aside tickets for will cal, meet up with them....

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    Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
    11:23 am

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    Sunday, April 6th, 2008
    10:11 am
    Monday, March 10th, 2008
    11:05 am
    They've been playing "The Wall" on VH-1 lately. I have it on DVD but when it's on I tend to watch a song or two. Eventually I get pissed off. Seeing it exemplifies why I think editing things for television is just plain retarded. The Wall is brilliant piece of work and to cut out essential chunks because it shows a boob, an animated penetration molting into fighting rats or a delusion of fascist grandeur is just a crime against art. Of course, this IS the country that draped a curtain over lady liberty because of a bared breast....

    Another travesty, I went to Record an Tape traders and, brand new on CD, the Wall is $39.99. Holy fucking shit!

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